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Combining Structural Facial Fat Grafting with Laser Neck Tightening

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No matter what your age, fat can be liposuctioned from where you don’t want it and transferred to areas that can use some extra volume such as around the temples, eyes, cheeks, facial folds, lips, chin, jawline. If you would like to look refreshed and remain looking 10 years younger than your actual age, but you don’t want a facelift, then Dr. Goodnight’s Dream Lift may be your solution. Lift your brows, cheeks, jowls and neck, erase wrinkles and fill in facial hollows all under local anesthesia. You can even augment your chin, cheeks or lips. Dr. Goodnight is the only facial plastic surgeon in the area performing these innovative techniques.

Typically, full face fat transfer has been performed under general anesthesia resulting in 3 weeks of severe facial bruising and swelling. Dr. Goodnight has discovered how to perform full face structural fat grafting comfortably under local anesthesia with no initial bruising. This allows him to accurately sculpt your face to cover lower lid bags and facial hollows, fill out wrinkles, and restore the youthful shape to your cheeks, lips and jaw line. Generally, one or two small light bruises show up in 1-2 days and resolve in less than 10 days with Dr. Goodnight’s technique. Stem cells, naturally contained within your fat, become activated and further improve your facial complexion for years after your fat transfer. Most of the fat and stem cells live permanently providing you extremely long lasting results, often for decades. Dr. Goodnight simultaneously uses the latest Smartlipo Triplex Laser to tighten your neck skin and lift your underlying neck muscles. A dissolvable suture that pulls the hanging neck bands together is often recommended for optimal restoration of your youthful neckline.

DreamLift Before and After Results

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