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Fire and Ice Body Contouring

For the ultimate results, Dr. Goodnight combines two methods of non-invasive body contouring. The Venus Concepts RF heating is followed by the freezing of the fat with Coolsculpting to maximize fat loss, improve contour and tighten your skin. He uses two Venus Concepts RF machines simultaneously to contour the entire general area to be treated and then he freezes off targeted bulges of fat with Coolsculpting. The Venus Concepts RF heating helps make the Coolsculpting more effective. Those who easily tolerate the highest heat benefit the most from the addition of the RF heating. Dr. Goodnight uses the latest Coolsculpting applicators: the Cooladvantage, the Cooladvantage plus, the CoolSmooth Pro, the Petite and the CoolMini. They are wider, more comfortable, faster and have more even cooling than the original applicators.

Coolsculpting financing now available through Green Sky.  0% interest for 1 year with the purchase of at least 6 Coolsculpting treatments. Ask at the time of your consultation for the Green Sky brochure with easy to follow online application.