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Optimum Vitality

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    Personal Training, Diet and Exercise designed to make you lose fat and sculpt your body.
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    Use the latest science to achieve Optimum Vitality



Identify foods that make you put on weight and which foods actually help burn fat. Why sugar is really the enemy and prevents you from losing weight. Learn the most effective training principles for putting on muscle and helping you burn fat.


Learn from a trusted expert:

Which foods increase your risk of cancer.

Which food combinations decrease your risk of cancer.

Which foods are inflammatory.

Which foods increase hunger.

Which foods decrease hunger and cravings.

Which food combinations optimize fat loss while preserving lean muscle.

Dispel dietary myths.

How consuming some healthy fats helps you lose your unwanted fat.

Learn which fats are healthy and how much to consume and which to minimize.

Which carbohydrates help energize you yet help you lose weight.

Which carbohydrates become stored as fat and rob you of your energy.

How to use “cheat foods” to help energize you and help your weight loss efforts.

A generally healthy way of eating for life, since all fat returns when a diet ends.

Which supplements have been scientifically shown to help with getting leaner.

How to determine your optimal protein intake for your needs.

How to quickly look at foods and identify optimal portion size and combinations to achieve your goals.

Education will include review of what you are presently eating and what you like. Learn with real lifelike foods, photos and videos, how to visually put together hundreds of perfect meals.

You will receive specific recommendations regarding caloric intake and protein, carbohydrate and fat intake but with easy to follow methods.


We will track your progress with regularly scheduled weight measurements, body fat and circumference measurements and total body photos with the same settings every time.

You will have the option of emailing your diet records for further advice on how you are doing.


Learn how to use exercise to increase your metabolic rate.

Prevent the yo-yo diet of muscle loss, which causes all your fat to come back plus more.

Guidance on how to use the right number of repetitions and sets for optimal results.

Which exercises to choose based on goals, injuries and experience.

How to use exercise to sculpt your body.

Recommendations on how to make aerobic exercise more interesting.

How to choose the optimal intensity, time and how to use interval training to your advantage.

How to choose exercises to work around an injury or prevent another.

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