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    Getting the perfect nose is a balance of symmetry and artistry and skill required to produce quintessential aesthetics.

Your Dream Nose Can Become a Beautiful Reality

Would you like to be able to breathe clearly and have the beautiful nose you have always wanted without the typical discomforts and signs of surgery? At the Dr. Goodnight Center for Everlasting Beauty, Dr. James Goodnight brings more than two decades of experience in facial plastic surgery, quality-of-life medicine, and ear, nose, and throat surgery to every rhinoplasty procedure he performs. As a result of this experience, Dr. Goodnight is able to produce rhinoplasty results that combine natural beauty and optimal nasal breathing with a comfortable post-operative recovery. Patients who undergo rhinoplasty at his North Haledon, New Jersey practice generally require no nasal packing and experience minimal bruising, swelling, and discomfort. They emerge from surgery with no external scar and a natural, refined appearance. Most of his patients are able to return to work or school in a mere week after undergoing surgery.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty versus Septorhinoplasty

Many people think of rhinoplasty as being a purely cosmetic surgery and, in many cases, it is. Rhinoplasty can be performed for people who breathe perfectly well through their noses, but are unhappy with how their noses look, particularly in relation to their other facial features. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is effective in altering the size, shape, or width of the nose. It can be performed to eliminate bumps, sculpt the tip, reduce the bridge, or make other aesthetic improvements. As with all surgeries offered at the Dr. Goodnight Center for Everlasting Beauty, Dr. Goodnight customizes each rhinoplasty procedure to meet the unique, highly specific needs of each patient. By contrast, septorhinoplasty is intended to address both cosmetic and functional issues with the nose. The goal of the procedure is to create a nose that looks beautiful but also allows for improved nasal breathing. This is one of the most complicated forms of plastic surgery, as it demands an intimate knowledge of nasal structure. Through years of advanced training and thousands of nasal surgeries, Dr. Goodnight has honed his technique so that he is able to achieve an ideal balance between aesthetics and function, each and every time. Dr. Goodnight is also one of the few plastic surgeons in the United States who is able to perform the complex reconstruction of noses destroyed by cocaine use. Rhinoplasty procedures can be performed by themselves or in conjunction with other procedures, such as face lift surgery, eyelid surgery, and laser hair removal. Whatever your needs and goals – whether your nose is clogged, twisted, perforated, pinched, hanging, bulbous, or simply not how you want it to appear – we invite you to get your nose done right with Dr. Goodnight!
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

Learn More about Rhinoplasty

If you are dissatisfied with the size or shape of your nose and would like to make a change, rather subtle or dramatic, we encourage you to meet with Dr. Goodnight. To schedule a rhinoplasty consultation, please contact our North Haledon practice today. You, too, can have a nose that functions well and looks amazing. Our North Haledon practice serves patients from throughout New Jersey, including Bergen County and Passaic County. Call Us : 1-973-427-2711