Help! I Want My Tattoo Removed

As the years go by and your life evolves, you might end up regretting a tattoo you loved at a younger age. When you decide it’s time to remove a tattoo, you can count on exceptional results with laser tattoo removal at Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty.

Why should you seek a plastic surgeon for tattoo removal? Because you want it done right the first time. The best way to be sure your laser procedure is safe and effective is by choosing a doctor who understands the nuances of tattoo removal and uses today’s most advanced laser.

Factors affecting tattoo removal

Every tattoo has different qualities that affect the removal process. The colors and the size of your tattoo have a big impact on the removal process. And these aren’t the only factors.

Dark colors and older tattoos are easier to remove compared to light colors and new tattoos. Whether your tattoo was applied by a professional or an amateur also makes a difference.

With all these variables, it’s easy to understand why removing a tattoo is such a challenge, and why there are so many stories of people who aren’t happy with their results. But these anecdotes are from people who didn’t have their tattoo removed using today’s most powerful laser, the PiQo4.

No tattoo is permanent with PiQo4 laser removal

The PiQo4 laser by Lumenis® is a powerful and versatile laser equipped with the light wavelengths and pulse rates needed to obliterate the ink in your tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal works in two ways. First, it requires different wavelengths that are selectively absorbed by specific colors in the ink. And second, the laser needs to send out pulses at different speeds to break down all the pigments, depending on their depth and whether they’re large or small.

Standard lasers have one wavelength and one speed. The PiQo4 has four wavelengths to treat the full spectrum of tattoo colors and two pulse speeds that tackle differently sized particles. 

Using short, high-energy pulses allows the laser’s light energy to convert into acoustic waves that shatter the ink into microscopic particles without harming the surrounding tissues. Then your body goes to work, naturally clearing away the waste.

Simply having four wavelengths and two pulse options would make the PiQo4 the best pico laser available. But Lumenis didn’t stop there when developing the PiQo4. 

This innovative laser also has 15 spot sizes, which allows the laser to reach deeply embedded pigments. The PiQo4 features work together so you can say goodbye to your tattoo without leaving the remnants of a ghost image.

Fewer treatments with exceptional results

Removing a tattoo always requires more than one treatment to remove all the layers of ink. But with the advanced PiQo4, we can eliminate your tattoo with fewer sessions — and with a shorter treatment time at each session — compared to other lasers.

After we evaluate the characteristics of your tattoo, we can discuss how many sessions you will need. Then we schedule your laser treatments about 6-8 weeks apart, so your body has time to heal and clear away the pigment.

If the time has come to get rid of your tattoo, call Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty, or schedule a consultation online.

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