How to Get the Butt You Want With a Fat Transfer

How to Get the Butt You Want With a Fat Transfer

When you want a larger, fuller, or rounder butt, you have two choices: an artificial implant or a natural fat transfer. Though both create superb results, a fat transfer has an advantage. Fat transfers offer the unique opportunity to get fuller, curvier buttocks while slimming and contouring the rest of your body.

During a fat transfer, James W. Goodnight, MD, at Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty, combines skill and artistry to remove fat from problem areas, then inject the fat into your buttocks. Keep reading to learn how your own fat can enhance the shape, size, and contour of your buttocks.

Reasons for getting a butt enhancement

You know you want a butt enhancement, but to get the results you envision, it's essential to know the exact changes you want to make. These are the most common reasons our patients seek to augment their butt using a fat transfer:

Enhance your curves

Many people simply want to improve their appearance. They want buttocks that are more curvy, rounded, or larger than what they currently have. You want to look great, and we can help you achieve that goal with a fat transfer.

Balance your body shape

Whether you carry excess fat around your waist, have love handles, large thighs, or back fat, we balance your body contours by removing the excess fat and using it to augment your buttocks.

Keep in mind that you need to have enough excess fat to get the size and shape you want for your butt. If you’re not sure you have the fat needed to improve your buttocks, schedule a consultation so we can examine your body and let you know if a fat transfer is the best option.

Augment small, flat, or imbalanced buttocks

Genetics may have given you a small or flat butt. Or your buttocks may have lost their shape and size after weight loss or due to aging. No matter what caused your small, flat butt or imbalanced cheeks, a fat transfer sculpts a full, symmetrical butt.

Fat transfer process

Your fat transfer begins by removing excess body fat using liposuction. We use a narrow and hollow device that gently suctions out the fat cells. During liposuction, we carefully create a smooth and slim body contour.

The second step of the process involves cleansing the fat cells to remove cellular debris. That leaves healthy fat cells that we use for your fat injection. Finally, we inject the fat into the targeted areas of your buttocks. 

You get multiple injections, with each one delivering a controlled amount of fat. We artistically inject fat to achieve your desired size and shape.

After the transfer, the fat cells gradually take hold as living cells. They establish a blood supply and thrive as a natural part of your body. 

Some of the fat cells won't survive, but that's expected, and we know how to make adjustments to create the shape and size you want. However, you have a significant role in ensuring optimal results.

In the first few weeks after your fat transfer, you need to avoid sitting. If you must sit, you should use a donut pillow and limit the time in the chair. Sitting puts pressure on the newly transplanted fat cells.

The pressure cuts off the blood supply, disrupting the cells' ability to integrate into your buttocks and leading to cell damage and death. It may also push the injected cells out of their carefully chosen location, which changes the shape of your buttocks.

Fat transfer vs. butt lift

Despite being called a Brazilian butt lift, a fat transfer doesn't lift your butt. During a butt lift, we remove excess skin and restore the tone of the muscles and tissues supporting your buttocks. However, a butt lift doesn't affect the shape or size of your butt.

By comparison, a fat transfer only augments your buttocks, making them larger and curvier. It doesn’t lift or tighten the underlying tissues.

To learn more about fat transfers to enhance your butt, call Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty, in Ridgewood, New Jersey, or book an appointment online today.

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