Sagging Eyelids: How Lasers Can Help

No matter how dedicated you are with your skin care routine, time quickly catches up with the delicate area around your eyes.  

The skin on your eyelids becomes loose and saggy, while the fat that naturally lines your eyelids starts to diminish, create bulges in unattractive places. At the same time, wrinkles become ingrained.

Then one day you look in the mirror and your eyes look tired and old; often much older than the rest of your face. That’s when laser eyelid surgery at Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty can make a dramatic difference.

Though eyelid surgery is generally referred to as blepharoplasty, lifting your lids encompasses more than one procedure and each one is personalized to meet your cosmetic needs.

We frequently perform several procedures that target different eyelid problems. We’ll give you a quick rundown on the procedures to illustrate the precision and delicate skill they require. Then we’ll talk about why laser procedures improve your results.

Surgeries that eliminate eyelid problems

At our office, the techniques we use for your eyelid procedures are unique. Instead of using only traditional scalpels and incisions, we utilize technologically advanced lasers. When we rejuvenate your eyelids, we may target the lower eyelids, upper eyelids, or both. Here are a few examples:

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty

This procedure targets the lower eyelid with the goal of eliminating under-eye bags and loose lower eyelids. Where a traditional blepharoplasty uses an incision in the outer skin, a transconjunctival blepharoplasty is done through the inside of the eyelid.

This approach spares your skin and leaves the structural middle layer of your lower eyelid intact while allowing us to customize your surgery by precisely removing or repositioning fat.

Subcutaneous lateral brow lift

We perform this procedure to remove the excess skin and fat that falls down from your eyebrows over your eyes, causing severely droopy eyelids. Optimal success for this surgery requires carefully placed incisions using the power of lasers.

Eyelid lift

During a classic eyelid lift, we meticulously make an incision along the creases of your upper eyelids so we can trim away sagging skin, remove fat, and tighten muscles.

Lasers improve eyelid procedures

With today’s sophisticated technology, we now have lasers that serve as precise tools during surgery. Lasers also do more than make a delicate incision. They deliver benefits that improve your eyelid surgery results.

During eyelid surgery, we use a laser called the LightScalpel® CO2 laser. The laser allows us to perform your procedure with benefits such as:

Extreme precision

Nothing is more important than precision when performing eyelid surgery and that’s what you get with laser surgery. The LightScalpel is designed with a flexible fiber that allows pinpoint accuracy during your procedure. In fact, the laser is so precise that we could remove only a few cells at a time if necessary.

Less bleeding

The LightScalpel CO2 laser gently creates an incision by vaporizing the tissue. At the same time, it seals small blood vessels, which significantly reduces bleeding.

Reduced post-operative swelling

Unlike a traditional scalpel, the laser doesn’t tear or damage the tissues because they’re only touched by light. Reduced trauma combined with the laser’s ability to stop bleeding means you have less swelling.

Diminished discomfort

When you have less trauma and less swelling, you’re more comfortable following the procedure.

Lower risk of infection

The high-intensity laser light destroys bacteria, so your risk of infection drops.

Faster recovery

When you take all the benefits together — the reduced bleeding, lower risk of infection, and less swelling, and discomfort — they add up to a faster recovery after your surgery.

We specialize in using lasers because they offer substantial benefits over traditional eyelid surgery. If you’re interested in rejuvenating the appearance of your eyes, Dr. James W. Goodnight, MD, or schedule an appointment online.

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