Understanding the Different Types of Eyelid Lifts

The delicate skin that makes up your eyelid easily stretches and turns into sagging skin. The problem of loose skin only gets worse as the supporting muscles weaken and pockets of fat accumulate in unattractive places.

Before long, you can barely notice your beautiful, expressive eyes because you can only see heavy, droopy eyelids and puffy bags. That’s when it’s time to talk with James W. Goodnight, MD, at Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty about getting an eyelid lift.

Dr. Goodnight combines surgical skill, years of experience, and the fine touch of an artist to perform eyelid lifts that allow your eyes to reflect your inner beauty instead of your outer age.

Cosmetic eyelid lifts

Eyelid lifts, called blepharoplasty, are designed to correct the changes that naturally occur over time. No matter how diligent you are with your skin care regimen, eventually, your eyelids lose strength, elasticity, and moisture. These changes cause common problems that we correct with an eyelid lift, including:

When you get a classic eyelid lift, whether for your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both, we remove excess skin and fat, reposition the fat if needed, and tighten the underlying muscles.

Classic eyelid surgery may sound like a cut-and-dry procedure, but there’s more nuance to skillfully performed surgery that creates customized results. Here are two examples of eyelid procedures that take different approaches:

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty

We target the lower eyelids with this procedure, eliminating bags under your eyes and tightening loose lower eyelids. During a traditional lower eyelid blepharoplasty, the incision is made in the outer part of your eyelid. When we do a transconjunctival procedure, we place the incision inside the eyelid.

As an added benefit, this approach spares your skin and allows us to precisely remove or reposition fat.

Subcutaneous lateral brow lift

Sometimes your droopy upper eyelids are caused by excess skin and fat that falls down from your eyebrows. This procedure targets that specific problem by removing skin and fat from the ends of your brows.

Using lasers to fine-tune your eyelid lift

Our expertise in using lasers during eyelid surgery yields exceptional results that can’t be done with a traditional scalpel incision. If using a laser around your eye sounds risky, consider this: With a laser, we can make a more precise and delicate incision compared to conventional surgery.

Precision during surgery is always essential, but it’s a special concern during eyelid surgery. The LightScalpel® CO2 laser has a flexible fiber that gives us pinpoint accuracy during your procedure.

Using a laser in place of a scalpel also causes less bleeding during surgery, reduces your swelling after surgery, and minimizes your post-op pain. And since the laser destroys bacteria, you have a lower risk of infection.

If you’re ready to restore your eyes and get natural, age-defying results, call Dr. Goodnight’s Center for Everlasting Beauty or book an appointment online today.

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