You Don’t Have to Live With Tattoo Regret

Tattoo regret is a common problem. But having a tattoo removed used to be a painful and risky procedure that produced mediocre results at best. Thankfully, that has changed thanks to today’s laser technology. 

At Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty, James Goodnight, MD, removes tattoos using the PiQo4 laser by Lumenis®, one of the most advanced lasers available for fast, safe, and effective removal of the most complex tattoos.

Here’s what you need to know about what makes tattoos a challenge to remove and why you should choose treatment with the PiQo4 with Dr. Goodnight.

Challenges of tattoo removal

When it comes to tattoo removal, some are more difficult to remove than others. Several qualities determine how hard it will be to get rid of your tattoo, including: 

Tattoo size

It’s no surprise that large tattoos take longer to remove than small tattoos.

Tattoo age

Newer tattoos take longer to eliminate compared to an older tattoo. Over time, the ink absorbs into your body, so there’s less ink to remove in an older tattoo.

Different colors

Multiple colors are more difficult to remove (for most lasers).

Type of color

Black and dark green are the easiest to remove. Colors such as yellow, white, and purple are the hardest.

Tattoo quality

Amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professionally inked tattoos. Professionals tend to use more colors and inject the layers of pigments deep into the skin, making them more challenging to eliminate. By comparison, amateur tattoos are often superficial and a single color.

Optimal tattoo removal with the PiQo4

The therapeutic impact of a laser is determined by factors like its wavelength and pulse. Many lasers operate on a single wavelength and pulse duration, which makes them perfect for specific health needs.

But tattoos are more complicated. One wavelength and one type of pulse won’t treat a tattoo with multiple colors and ink depths. 

Let’s look at how the PiQo4 solves the many challenges of tattoo removal better than other laser options:

Two laser pulses

It turns out that different pigment colors respond better to different pulse speeds. Larger ink particles break down when they’re exposed to longer pulse durations, while small ink particles respond better to short pulse durations.

The PiQo4 is built with nanosecond and picosecond pulses. The tattoo is scanned once with a nanosecond pulse to break apart large ink particles, and then it’s scanned a second time using a picosecond pulse to eliminate smaller particles.

Four wavelengths

Tattoos are eliminated as the colors of ink absorb the laser’s energy. But the various colors absorb different wavelengths. The PiQo4 solves that problem by delivering four wavelengths that blast away nine of the most frequently used tattoo colors.

Short pulse with high energy

Short, high-energy laser pulses cause the laser’s light energy to convert into acoustic waves to shatter the ink particles. The PiQoprovides up to 10-times more energy. As a result, we can remove your tattoo in fewer treatments than other laser systems.

Deep reach

The PiQo4 is equipped with 15 spot sizes, providing a wider range of treatment areas and covering an area four times larger than most lasers. Larger spot sizes reach deeper below the skin’s surface, allowing for optimal tattoo treatment. Additionally, using a large spot size decreases side effects such as blistering and scarring.

While tattoo removal always requires a series of treatments, the PiQo4 allows us to get rid of your tattoo more efficiently and with fewer sessions. We can give you more specific details about how long it will take to remove your tattoo after we have a chance to examine it.

To learn more about tattoo removal, schedule a consultation at Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty by calling or booking an appointment online.

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