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Consider These Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

One of the great advantages of today’s advanced lasers is that they effectively remove hair from all skin types. But that’s only the start of the benefits you gain when you choose laser hair removal.

At Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting BeautyJames W. Goodnight, MD, specializes in an array of laser treatments, including hair removal. Combining extensive experience with state-of-the-art technology means that you can look forward to exceptional results.

If you’re thinking about laser hair removal, it’s time to consider these benefits:

Shave time off your morning routine

You overslept, and now you’re running late for work. Now you are tempted to skip shaving so you can get out the door faster. But if you do so, you’ll have to forget about the new dress you wanted to wear and opt for leg-covering slacks.

Getting rid of unwanted hair becomes such an integral part of your personal care routine that you seldom stop to consider the time factor. Some people are lucky enough to get away with shaving every few days or waxing every few weeks. But for most, hair removal is a daily chore.

The time you spend getting rid of hair accumulates. Ultimately, hair removal represents a big drain on your time. That’s time you can reclaim when you get laser hair removal.

Say goodbye to harsh hair removal

All traditional methods of removing hair have their downside, especially if you have sensitive skin. Anyone who uses a razor can end up with nicks, cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.

Razor burn occurs when the razor irritates your skin. Then, instead of beautiful, hair-free skin, you end up with red, burning skin and a rash. Shaving and plucking often lead to ingrown hairs, causing bumps that can become inflamed and painful.

The pain associated with waxing is well known. And depilatory creams contain strong chemicals that can burn or irritate your skin.

When you opt for laser hair removal, you can say goodbye to all of the harsh side effects of traditional hair removal methods.

Lose hair all over your body

Men need help to shave their back, and most women get a little nervous at the thought of shaving their bikini line. Both problems are solved with laser hair removal.

Though we don’t use laser hair removal around your eyes, every other part of your body is fair game. From facial and chin hair to your underarms, chest, back, legs, and bikini area, lasers are a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Gain the freedom of long-lasting results

Nothing else gives you the long-lasting results you can achieve with laser hair removal. On your body, the hair loss is usually permanent. Though it varies for each person, there’s a good chance that some hair could regrow on your face.

But if any hairs do return, they won’t appear for many years. And then we can stop the regrowth with a quick maintenance treatment.

To achieve these long-lasting results, you’ll need a series of laser treatments. The laser can only destroy a follicle when it’s in a growth stage. Unfortunately, follicles don’t continuously grow hair.

All the hair follicles in your skin go through cycles. They grow hair and then go dormant for a time before beginning a new growth phase. On the day you have a laser treatment, some of the follicles will be growing, and others won’t.

As a result, you need 6-12 treatments before the laser will catch all the follicles while they’re growing hair. You’ll see ever-increasing results with each treatment, but since we space laser treatments 4-6 weeks apart, you won’t get the maximum results for 6-18 months.

The time it takes to reach the goal is well worth it once you’re free of unwanted hair. You can look forward to having smooth, beautiful, and hair-free skin without wasting another minute shaving, waxing, plucking, creaming, or threading.

If you have any questions about laser hair removal, call Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty or book an appointment online today.

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