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Removing tattoos requires precise ingenuity

The PiQ04 laser has been suited with an arsenal of light-based wavelengths that are specifically attracted to tattoo ink. In order to clear the ink from the skin, the laser system creates a collimated energy beam of light. The light will pass through the outer skin layers targeting only the embedded ink. Energy from the laser is rapidly absorbed by the ink causing the pigment to fracture into microscopic particles. Over time, the body’s immune system will clean the particles from the skin causing the tattoo to fade and eventually disappear. Only powerful and multi wavelength lasers can remove tattoos completely without leaving colors like green or a ghost of the tattoo behind. The PiQO4 laser is the most powerful 4 wavelength pico laser available. The picolaser eliminates the ghost of the tattoo without scarring.


How many treatments will it take?

Not all body art is created alike; many factors are involved that determine the number of treatments needed, such as:

How long the tattoo has been in the skin. Newer tattoos are a little more resistant while older tattoos are easier to remove.

The depth of ink in the skin.

The type of ink in the skin.There are many different types of pigment that could have been used to create the tattoo.

Was the tattoo created by a professional artist or an amateur?

Usually professional tattoos will need 6-8 treatments, while amateur tattoos take about 4-5 treatments. The sessions will be spaced 6-8 weeks apart, allowing the body’s immune system to naturally remove the pigment fragments.


Can any type of tattoo be removed?

The Quanta Q plus laser system contains specific technical advantages for removing a wide variety of tattoos. These range from: professional to homemade of amateur, as well as traumatic and surgical tattoos. Dr. Goodnight will be happy to assess your tattoo(s) and discuss the treatment with you. Schedule a consultation for more information.


What does the treatment feel like?

Most patients report that the treatment sensation for removing a tattoo is similar to getting a tattoo. Other patients say the laser treatment feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. A numbing cream can be used to make the procedure more comfortable.


How will I take care of my skin after the treatment?

An anti-bacterial ointment and ice will need to be applied. If a scab forms, it is vital that the area is never picked or scratched in order to avoid scarring. For optimal results, follow any post treatment instructions given to you by the clinician.


How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

Costs will vary depending on the type and size of the tattoo. Schedule a consultation today to start the process of removing the ink from your skin! 

Any Regrets?

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