The MINT lift is an acronym for Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Threadlift.

What is the Mint Lift?

The Minimal Invasive Nonsurgical Thread (MINT) Lift is a nonsurgical facelift, specially performed on the face.  It is a face lifting technique using a special suture thread called PDO (polydioxanone), it restores the jawline and V-line of the face by pulling up the sagging skin tissues. This painless procedure only requires local anesthesia, it is performed in the office, and the minimal swelling is gone in several hours. The MINT’s biodegradable thread is FDA approved and it is absorbed completely.


Unique advantages of Mint Lift Face-lifting? 

1. The only non-surgical face-lifting technique that can effectively target the entire face to create instant lifting of all treated areas.

2. The only Polydioxanone (PDO) material approved by the FDA. Results last for up to 1 year. PDO is completely biodegradable by hydrolysis.

3. Minimal risks. Side effects are minor and rare but include bruising, pigmentation, and infection.

4. The procedure is completed in 30 minutes.

What makes it better than other thread lifts

1. Durable Suture  

2. Strong Anchoring and Tensile Strength 

3, Instant Results, Minimum Downtime


Mint Lift’s advanced threading material composition has an anchoring and tensile strength that is 3 times greater than the earlier “cut-thread” technology.

MINT Lift has 360 degree helical barbs on the thread for effective and even anchoring.

The MINT lift can lift the brows, cheeks, jowls and neck. The most dramatic and long lasting results are obtained with their longest and strongest threads, the MINT 43 cm.

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