There is no time better than the present to take control of your health. The healthier you are, the more insignificant a Coronavirus infection is likely to be. If all your physiology is running optimally, then a Covid virus infection will likely go unnoticed. Grooming your health to its peak performance level is no easy task. The more you are able to commit to improving your health, the better your results can be. Trust your health to a physician skilled in all the biology, chemistry, nutrition and exercise science involved in the complex physiology of the human body. Dr. Goodnight received his BS degree in Biology and Chemistry at University of Miami in 1984. Following this, he received his MD degree at Tufts Medical in 1988; followed by his Head and Neck Surgery Residency which he completed at UCLA in 1994. Dr. Goodnight finished his Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship in 1995. He also completed his fitness trainer certification in 2005. He obtained his masters training in Human Nutrition from 2005-2007 at Columbia Presbyterian and became board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine in 2008. He completed eight specialty certifications in fitness therapy in 2013 and received his associates degree in Exercise Science in 2014. Dr. Goodnight has been tuning thousands of patients to optimal health since 2005 when he started his age management practice called Optimum Vitality. He has also been a recreational bodybuilder, practicing what he preaches, since 1978. Dr. Goodnight is passionate about making 2020 your healthiest year.

Day to day living during this social isolation time can be very draining and sometimes depressing. Dr. Goodnight challenges you to focus on your health. Dr. Goodnight will help you use this extra time wisely by providing you with easy to use information that guides you towards healthier habits. He will explain how to easily achieve a healthy diet using digital cheat sheets that you store on your phone. He will obtain a complete metabolic work up to identify and correct your specific health weaknesses. He will provide you with supplements and exercise recommendations to optimize your health. Interval cardio and resistance training recommendations can also be created to suit your fitness level and desires. Excess fat is inflammatory to your health, so 2020 will be your year to aim for your optimal weight.

When your health is optimal, the virus is likely to have minimal effect on you. In fact, you may have had almost no symptoms. If you want to know if some minor, attitude al cold, you had this year was the coronavirus, Dr. Goodnight can test you for immunity as well. Knowing you already beat the virus once and have developed immunity can allay your anxiety about being exposed to the virus again.