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The Secret to a Natural-Looking Facelift

You’ve been considering a facelift but hesitate to take the first step because you’re worried about the results. Maybe you’ve heard stories from friends who were unhappy with their facelift or saw pictures of celebrities with super-tight skin bearing little resemblance to the way they looked before the procedure.

At Dr. Goodnight’s Center for Everlasting Beauty, we understand your concerns. We believe that every facelift should produce natural-looking results that you’ll love. That’s our specialty and that’s why so many patients trust James Goodnight, MD, to perform their facelift.

To help you get beautiful results, we’d like to share our tips for a natural-looking facelift:

Know your facelift goals

A natural-looking facelift begins with a patient who has a clear vision and realistic expectations. You need to know what you do and don’t like about your appearance. The more details you can provide about what you want to change, the easier it is to find ways to meet them.

Once we’re clear on the changes you want to make, we use our skills and experience to offer honest advice. Dr. Goodnight lets you know if a facelift can realistically give you the results you desire and an honest evaluation as to whether the facelift you envision will leave you with a natural appearance.

As we collaborate together, we create a treatment plan that will result in the rejuvenated look you want, whether your best choice is a facelift or another cosmetic option.

Traditional facelift

You’ll get the most natural and longest-lasting results from a full facelift that lifts and tightens the skin and muscles. Your skin needs the support of its underlying muscles. As you get older, the muscles also weaken and sag, so the results of a traditional lift last longer than other facial rejuvenation options and treatments that focus only on the skin.

Our patients love their results as we carefully preserve their natural facial structure while restoring a younger-looking appearance.

Consider an add-on procedure

Even a beautiful facelift can look unnatural when you have mismatched features. A facelift doesn’t improve issues such as drooping eyelids or deep forehead furrows. If you have other age-related concerns, talk with Dr. Goodnight about additional procedures he can perform at the same time as your facelift.

Whether you need an eyelid lift, a brow lift, or another procedure, getting all the work done during your facelift saves on your recovery time and eliminates the inconvenience of multiple surgeries. And ultimately, the results are more natural because all your features look younger.

Pick an experienced plastic surgeon

Nothing predicts the outcome of your facelift more than the surgical skills and experience of the doctor performing your procedure. Make sure to request before and after photos of their work. While photos show the overall quality of the surgeon’s work, they’re also a good way to learn if the surgeon places a high value on achieving natural results. When you look at photos, pay close attention to whether the after version looks natural.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Goodnight has established and maintains an exceptional reputation. He’s passionate about creating a natural-looking facelift using his extensive surgical skills together with his artistic and aesthetic sensibilities.

To learn more about how a facelift at Dr. Goodnight’s Everlasting Beauty can help you look naturally younger, call the office or schedule a consultation online.

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