Glycolic Acid Peels

Typically used as a method of maintaining extra moisture in the skin, and help with fine wrinkling. They are typically done monthly starting with 50% then 70%. Dr. Goodnight recommends the use of the Glyderm mask at home between peels and immediately prior to peels to improve results. Glycolic acid results in the washing off of most of the dead outer layer of skin and improved retention of moisture by the skin. Home maintenance products are recommended or results will fade within 6 months.

Jessner’s Peels

Typically used as a method of removing superficial spots and for keeping acne under control. They are typically done monthly, first as one coat and then gradually move up to 3 coats when needed. The peel reliably stops itself in the epidermis which makes it safe, but it also means pigmentation that is in the dermis won’t peel off completely. Home skin care products are used synergistically to obtain the desired results such as skin bleachers or topical glycolic acids. One coat Jessner’s peel are also often used to prepare the skin for a stronger peel such as TCA peels.

TCA Peels

Generally used when facial spots or wrinkles are felt to be full thickness of the epidermis and even into the dermis. These peels are generally combined with Jessner’s peels as the Jessner’s peel allows a weaker, and thus safer, TCA concentration to be used and still get the peel to reach the depth needed to obtain the desired results. Generally lighter peels are done first to gauge the sensitivity of your skin and only use the deepest peel needed for the desired results. TCA is typically used from concentrations of 15 to 35% and may also be applied in coats. The skin turns red with an overlying whiteness that last up to 1 hour. The skin then gets dry and brown and peels off in scales over 7 to 10 days. The new skin is often smoother and clearer but requires the use of skin care products prior to, and for 3-6 months after, to prevent spots from being produced from the inflammation induced by the peel. Since the wrinkle removing benefit lasts for 1 year, some patients choose to have this peel performed annually to keep the wrinkles away.